Your décor now has an identity called (cove) and it's approved from The Ministry of Commercial as a trade mark.

This trade mark can be given to your own place for any décor done by cove. For example, if your hall has been designed by cove that means your hall has brand name called (cove) by stick a small metal piece in the right location of your Halll as shown in the picture.

Q1: What are our services?

1- Interior design (3D shots and detailed plans/ drawings).
2- Implementation supervision.
3- Furnishing.
(Our services do not include execution).

Q2: What is the policy of agreement in our design?

We accept the design appointments based upon one condition, which is after the completion of the architectural and structural plan or on condition of the site which should be on the black structure or the radical restoration (the meaning of the radical restoration is the whole removal of ceilings and floors).

Q3: What is the policy of agreement in furnishing?

We provide furnishing service that it is preceded by design and supervision done by us.

Q4: What are the options available to the client in the agreement?

The customer can agree on the following contracts:
1- Design and plans only.
2- Design and plans with supervision.
3- Design, supervision and furnishing.

Q5: What does interior design include?

1- Furniture layout with measurements.
2- The sketch of electricity points (Switch, plugs, telephone, television, headphones, cameras, Internet).
3- The sketch of lighting points (floors, walls, ceilings).
4- The sketch of plumping points (shower areas, sinks, toilets, rinsing, sanitation).
5- Detailed plans for ceilings, walls and floors with full description of the materials used.
6- Detailed plans for customize furniture.
7- Bill of Quantities, (BOQ) if any.
8- Critical path methods, (CPM) if any.
9- Hard copy of the design and plans in A3 / A2 size, with a soft copy of CD as a reference.

Q6: What is meant by the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and what are its benefits?

It is a table/ schedule that summarizing the quantities of all finished materials by (square meter, length meter, quantity of pieces required).

Q7: What is meant by Critical path methods, (CPM)?

It is a table/ schedule that showing the order of items and the steps to be implemented from the beginning of the plumping and electricity up to the furnishing and final cleaning, showing the time frame of each part with the expected time of completion.

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