Hall & Living

The way of welcoming people is reflects the identity of the owner, each person has his own taste in decorating his reception hall such as the classic, modern, royal, Islamic design...etc. These kinds of designs represent his personality, once you enter the reception hall, your eyes will be enjoying the dimensions of the hall design.

there are no rules with interior design no matter what you choose, but harmony is important


Your bedroom is the most important room in the house after all , you spend 33% of your life a .having a cozy bedroom with cove listing is relaxing , so you wake up every day full of energy , make that 33%of your life enjoyable by designing your own bedroom and matching it with your own style, color and furniture.

Dining Rooms

One of the happiest moment in life having a heavenly dinner with your family gathered around one table. Designing the dining room is important from the perfect table to its comfortable chairs to enjoy a pleasant meal.

Swimming Pools

All living creatures need water .water is the secret of life and a major element for everybody living you can enjoy it too! Swimming is beneficial whether its exercise, a hobby or for relaxation .the swimming pool can be indoors or outdoors, each carrying its own design and its own atmosphere.

Toilette – Bathroom

Good design applies to everything from art to fashion to interior décor .designing a bathroom is equally important as anything else, taking a relaxing bath in warm water reduces stress. It's where people go and look at themselves in the mirror every day.

Commercial Shops

Your role in your life is to manage it, create plans for your life and start to apply them. One of your plans must include career development or creating a business of your own to reach your target, as the president of united state Barak Obama said " If you work hard and meet your responsibilities, you can get a head, no matter where come from, what you look like, or who you love".

Special Invitation From Hasan Abul Company

Special invitation from Hassan Abul Company and useful trip with different interiors and architects to visit Hansgrohe, Duravit and pocelanosa (Germany - Spain).

Engineers Without Borders Forum

In September 2017 the designer Hussain Alaradi was invited to be one of the speakers in this forum to talk about the benefits of interior design with mentioning some tips and advices for the audience.

Alawatan TV Interview

Mr. Abdulaziz Atiya invited designer Hussain Alaradi in his sport TV show that was talking about how we can renovate and redesign the sport facilities and stadiums in Kuwait.

Interview link: https://youtu.be/Aq3hy-2VI6o/a>


First photo (with Starbucks coffee founder & partner Zev Siegl).

Second photo ( with the founder & partner of Barbosa interior design company - Italy).

Third photo (KOC DMD Mr. Adnan Alaradi).

Fourth photo ( with General Manager of Arab Oper University - Kuwait).

Italy Meeting

Meeting with the owner of Layla cosmetics in Italy (Milano) on May-2010 to show them the Kuwait branch concept.

Conference in Kuwait

Special invitation from Shaikha/ Fariha Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah to the conference on 23/1/2013.

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